Where to eat in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

16 Apr, 2024 | Canarian Life, General

Exploring the mouthwatering gastronomy of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Welcome to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a gastronomic paradise where tradition merges with innovation in every bite. In this blog post, we wanted to share our personal recommendations with this brief guide featuring some of the best guachinches and restaurants in Santa Cruz, close (and not so close) to the Apartamentos Bruja, where you can enjoy authentic Canary flavors and unforgettable culinary experiences.

Guachinches: Local Gastronomic Treasures

  • Guachinche El Cañonazo: Located in El Tablero, this charming guachinche combines the authenticity of Canarian cuisine with modern touches in its presentation. From grilled meats to traditional homemade dishes, every bite at El Cañonazo is a delight. Don’t miss their “solomillo el cañonazo” paired with the house wine.
  • Guachinche Tenique: In the Maria Jiménez neighborhood, Guachinche Tenique awaits you with traditional Canarian dishes in a family-friendly and cozy atmosphere. With a wide variety on its menu and affordable prices, this guachinche is perfect to satisfy all tastes.
  • Guachinche Bibi y Mana: In Taganana, discover the authentic flavors of Canarian cuisine at Guachinche Bibi y Mana. From fresh fish dishes to vegetarian options, this family-owned restaurant offers a unique culinary experience you won’t want to miss.
  • Guachinche La Noria: If you’re in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Guachinche La Noria is the ideal place to enjoy typical Canarian food without having to travel far. With traditional dishes and excellent value for money, this guachinche will conquer you with every flavor.


Featured Restaurants in Santa Cruz

  • Bulan Restaurante Chill Out: For a casual and delicious gastronomic experience, visit Bulan Restaurante Chill Out, where the fusion of flavors will surprise you.
  • Panzaburro Gastrotasca: Immerse yourself in the creative gastronomy of Panzaburro Gastrotasca, where each dish is a culinary work of art.
  • Los Tronkos: This star restaurant combines Castilian and Canarian cuisine with an exceptional selection of sushi. A unique gastronomic experience with each visit!
  • Avila-Tei: If you’re a fan of Japanese food, Avila-Tei awaits you with the best sushi, nigiris, makis, and more, just 5 minutes away from Burja Apartments!
  • Sqina: Craving a delicious burger? Sqina is the perfect place to satisfy your culinarydesires with itstasty creations.
  • Kon·Tiki: Discover the fusion of flavors at Kon·Tiki, where author’s cuisine will surprise you with each dish.
  • La Verdulería: For lovers of vegetarian food, La Verdulería offers a wide variety of fresh and delicious dishes that will delight your palate.


In conclusion…

whether you prefer the authenticity of a local guachinche or the innovation of a fusion restaurant, not forgetting the classics, guachinches and restaurants in Santa Cruz and its surroundings never cease to amaze. From traditional dishes to avant-garde creations, each bite is a unique experience that invites you to explore the flavors of the Canary Islands. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this rich gastronomic diversity during your stay at the Apartamentos Bruja. Bon appétit!

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