Carnival in Santa Cruz: Experience the Magic from Our Apartments!

31 Jan, 2024 | Canarian Life, Events

Welcome to our most festive and colorful blog entry! Today, we dive into the vibrant world of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an event that awakens the island with its music, costumes, and unparalleled energy. And, of course, we’ll tell you why Bruja Apartments are your best option to enjoy this unique festivity.

A Festival with History

Before delving into the details of Carnival 2024, let’s take a brief journey back in time. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the largest and most famous festivals in Europe, globally known for its unrestrained joy and colorfulness. With roots dating back to the times of European colonization, this celebration has grown to become an internationally acclaimed spectacle, declared an International Festival of Tourist Interest.

A Pre-Carnival Full of Events

Even before the official start on February 9th, the city comes alive with a series of pre-carnival events at the Fairgrounds. Highlights include the Queen of the Carnival selection and the thrilling Comparsas Contest, where the creativity and talent of the participants will leave you breathless. A perfect prelude to what’s to come!


Cabalgata_Carnaval_Santa_Cruz_Tenerife Reina_Carnaval_Tenerife Reina_Carnaval_Santa_Cruz


An Unforgettable Carnival

This 2024, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife promises to be more spectacular than ever! The city streets will be filled with music, dance, and costumes from February 9th to the 25th. The Announcing Parade, marking the official start of the carnival, is a parade full of color and joy that you can’t miss. To discover all the events and schedules, you can check the complete program here.

The Carnival 2024 is full of events that will leave you amazed: from traditional murgas and comparsas to costume contests and galas. Don’t miss the contagious rhythm of the batucadas and, of course, the grand Coso Apoteosis, a parade that wraps up this joyous celebration in a spectacular way.
Carnaval_Comparsa Carnaval_de_dia Coso_Carnaval_2024


Bruja Apartments, Your Home during Carnival

At Bruja Apartments, strategically located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we understand the importance of having a comfortable refuge close to the party. Our apartments are just 5 minutes away from the start of the Announcing Parade and between 10 and 15 minutes from the city center, where the carnival atmosphere is at its peak.

Looking for comfort and proximity to the carnival? Bruja Apartments is your best choice. At Bruja Apartments, we await you with open arms to be part of this magical celebration. Book your stay with us and experience Carnival of Tenerife 2024 like never before!


Don’t wait any longer! Join the party by booking at Bruja Apartments for the Carnival of Tenerife 2024. See you next time!

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