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Project carried out with the assistance of the Program for the Energy Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings (PREE), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), and coordinated by IDAE, with the aim of achieving a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

“A way to make Europe”

Energy Retrofit - PREE Project, FEDER, IDAE.

Electric charger

Electriccar charger

We offer our customers a parking space with a charger for electric cars.

Price and availability upon request. Contact the front desk for more information.

Electric car charger
Electric car charger
Healthy stay

Good environmentalpractices

Our aim at Bruja Apartamentos is to care for and respect the environment, so we have made our facilities environmentally friendly.

In the lodging we installed low-consumption and energy-saving devices including instruction manuals for the correct use of such devices.

Green practice hints and tips:

  • Use sunlight to illuminate and keep spaces warm.
  • Unplug electronics and turn off lights when not in use or not needed.
  • A 10-minute ventilation is adequate to renew the air in the rooms.
  • Always turn off taps when not in use (while brushing teeth, rinsing hair, washing dishes,…) Please be aware that the Canary Islands is a region with a tendency to desertification, meaning that saving water is of great importance.
  • Use household appliances efficiently (run the washing machine or dishwasher when they are fully loaded).
  • Use the recycling containers properly.

Taking care of and protecting our environment is in everyone’s interest.

We wish you a pleasant and healthy stay!

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